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Taco night calls for a good skinny margarita.  Am I right?  This recipe is a favorite in our house.

Delicious skinny margarita recipe

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Skinny Margarita Recipe
Recipe type: Cocktail
Serves: 2
  • 4 tbsp Lime Juice
  • Kosher Salt
  • ½ cup Tequila
  • 3 tbsp Light Agave Syrup
  • 3 Lime Slices
  1. Pour some Kosher Salt onto a dish. Wet the rim of your glasses with the lime slice. Dip rim of glass into salt.
  2. Combine lime juice, tequila, and light agave syrup into a cocktail shaker. Fill with glass and shake. Pour over ice into glasses. Garnish with extra lime slices.


  • Colleen - Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! I have all of the ingredients on hand and tonight it taco night! Thanks, friend!

  • Tracy - What tequila do you use?

Starting September 1st I am doing another Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  And I’m inviting YOU to join me.

My husband did the challenge first two years ago.  I was skeptical and thought I would just continue to eat healthy and work out along side him.  When I had only lost 3 pounds in 24 days and he lost 15 and looked like this…I knew I had to try it.  Since that first challenge two years ago he has lost a total of 45 pounds and has kept it off!

I had great results as well.  I felt great, had so much energy, and was back in my skinny jeans by day 7.  By the end of the challenge I had 5 pounds and lost 8% body fat.

advocare 24 day challenge before and after

My Mom saw the success Court and I both had and she tried the program herself.  She lost 25 pounds during the course of the challenge.  She has completely changed her lifestyle, continued with the products, and has lost a total of 50 pounds.  So proud of her.

My friend, Lauren, also tried the Challenge after reading about how much I loved it.  She had some pretty incredible results herself.  And after continuing the products for a year and a half you should see her now.  She looks incredible!

What does the challenge consist of?  The first part of the diet is a cleanse.  Not one of those fad, liquid only cleanses.  You eat real food — lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and some complex carbohydrates.  Eliminating wheat, dairy, and alcohol.  You drink a fiber drink and take herbal cleanse pills for the first 10 days.  Days 11 – 24 you continue with the same types of food but add in what are called MNS packets.  They consist of supplements to help you sustain energy and fill in the gaps in your nutrition.

By tackling the challenge as a group we’re creating a support system.  We have a group Facebook page where we can share menus, recipes, workout plans, and be able to encourage one another.  I can’t wait!

So, what do you need to get started?  First, purchase a 24 Day Challenge.  I choose the MNS 3 for weight loss (and the Chocolate Mocha shake is my favorite).

Something else I highly recommend purchasing to take along with your challenge is Catalyst.  It is a branched-chain amino acid supplement that has been nicknamed “Lipo in a Bottle”.  This stuff works wonders. :)

I am so pumped and so ready to get back on track.  Can’t wait for you to join me!

  • Hey Lauren Rene - I’m so excited to get started! Even more than the first time because I KNOW how great it will be. Can’t wait to be in this together! Is it September 5th yet? :)

  • Lindsay - I started mine on the 7th! I have a lot to lose so in the first 6 days I’ve already lost 7.6lbs! :) Excited to find some other people to follow too.

  • Lyndi - The hubby and I will be starting the challenge on June 1st! Very excited to take the challenge on together! :) I’m hoping to shed the remainder of this baby weight, and feel better.

  • Jenny Collier - You are going to do great, Lyndi. It’s awesome that you’re doing the challenge together. It’s great to have an accountability partner!

  • killy - Hi I recently did the 10 day challenge 2x since January
    I try to stick to the diet on a regular basis. I do have questions on a daily basis which supplements I should be taking?
    I do have the supplement to help burn fat while exercising, so I take that. I also have the Fibo Trim and Omega Plex and Carb easer.

    I really just read reviews and bought them. Not sure how I should be taking them to give myself the best results.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Maybe I should try the “Lipo in a bottle” LOL

  • Jenny Collier - Hi Killy!

    I love the MNS packets. You can find them here:

    If you click the details tab you can view what is in the packets. They help me, not only, with my core nutrition but with weight loss as well. I think they might be your best bet for weight loss. I say definitely use Catalyst if you’re not already. Game changer!

    What are your goals? Just weight loss? Or do you do any sort of cardio or weight training? Just trying to figure out what would be a good fit for you.

  • killy - THanks for your help! My goal is weight loss, I do cardio and weight training but only 2 days a week with a trainer. I try the other days but hard with work schedule and my son.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I had been struggling with balance as a work at home Mom.  The guilt of being on the computer or my phone when it’s supposed to be family time is just something that eats at me.  But, at the same time I handle all of the office work for our family business and the writing and behind the scenes stuff for the blog as well.  So there has to be some work time factored into my days.

What life typically looked like for me before my new schedule was waking up when the kids woke up, no exercise, going back and forth between work & family time all day long, never shutting off work mode because I was never getting anything done (which meant staying up until all hours of the night to try to complete tasks), feeling like I was always dropping the ball, always overwhelmed, and never feeling like I was a good enough Mom or Wife because I could never sit and just BE with my family.

Creating a Schedule

A couple of months ago I watched a promo video from Chalene Johnson advertising her program Smart Success.  One video in particular has stuck with me…and that was on scheduling your days.  I wanted to tell you a bit about it as it has changed my world.

She began asking us to list out every thing that we would like to get done in a day in time blocks.  Mine looked a little something like this:

1.5 hours – Exercise (and driving to and from the gym)

1 hour – Mornings with the kids – up, fed, dressed, and lunches made.

1 hour – Laundry & Cleaning House

30 minutes – Showered & getting myself dressed

3 hours – Distraction free work

1 hour – Social Media

3-4 hours – Time with my family

2 hours – Dinner prep, eating, and cleaning up

1 hour – Getting kids bathed and in bed

It made me realize that if I wanted to be able to squeeze in all of these things that I needed to start going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, and setting time blocks for both work and family time.  After viewing the video my schedule looked like this:

6 – 7:30am:  Bootcamp (and the driving to and from)

7:30-8:30am:  Getting the kids breakfast, lunches made (if it’s a school day), and getting them dressed.

8:30am-9:30am:  Do my load of laundry for the day, make beds, and clean up the house.

9:30-10:00am:  Showered & dressed

10:00-10:30am:  30 minutes of social media

10:30am-1:30pm:  Uninterrupted Work (these are days when my husband is home or my children are in school).

1:30pm-4:30pm:  Playtime with the kids (usually means we are at the pool, on a family outing or playdate, or just being together at home).

4:30-5pm:  30 minutes of social media

5pm-7pm:  Dinner prep, eating, and cleaning up

7pm-8pm:  Kids bathed, books, and in bed

8pm-10pm:  Time with my husband & usually our DVR

Granted, some days look different with appointments and I will likely have to readjust things when school starts.  But, I like feeling as though all of my housework is done by the time I sit down at my desk and it keeps me from getting up to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer and getting distracted on the way back to my office.  Turning my phone on silent and putting my nose down to work helps me usually get everything on my list (and more) done during that time span. And then shutting off my work mode by 1:30pm so that I can focus on my family has been a God send.  Social media is just part of my business these days.  Having blocks in my day helps me to not constantly have my phone in my face (which my husband appreciates) and also helps me to focus on the task at hand.  And then finally having time for us at the end of the day without a computer or our phones has been so great for our marriage.

Having this schedule has made a world of difference in my days and my feeling like I can balance it all.  I highly recommend you try it if you are feeling overwhelmed.

  • Aja - This is great. Balance at home is definitely my number one struggle with little ones in the house. I tend to think I am a great multitasker, but in reality, rarely does any one task get done timely- or correctly- when I try to do 3 or 4 things at once! I have had to really get my head around the fact that this is a season and I can only do what I can do. So sometimes we eat a frozen pizza and the floors don’t get mopped. :) Thanks for sharing this- I may have to try it! Fall and the back-to-school season always gives me an organizational kick!

  • Frenchelle - This is just awesome. I love those time blocks. Can you tell me where you bought the planner in the photo?? Thanks :)

  • Valerie - Love this plan of attack! What kind of planner is that?

  • Jenny Collier - It’s the Whitney English Day Designer. You can find it here:

  • Jenny Collier - The Day Designer. The best planner ever!

  • Jenny Collier - Yes, totally agree! Sometimes I put more on my plate than necessary and don’t relax when I could. Having a schedule helps me to only work when I’m scheduled to…which is great for a busy body like me. :)

  • Sara - I just ordered a Day Designer for next year… and I definitely think I need to sit down and do exactly what you said to do… I’m so overwhelmed these days that I think mapping out how long I need will help me organize my day.

    I have to ask, how did you figure out how much time you needed/wanted? Is that a stupid question? This is so great though…

  • shannon - i just wanted to let you know i love your organizing and schedule posts. as a mom who runs a business your posts motivate me!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you Shannon! That is encouraging.

  • Jenny Collier - I rounded up for approximately how long it typically takes me to complete a task…or, ideally, how much social media I should be doing. Read: trying to cut down on that. :)

My sweet girl loves to help me in the kitchen.  When she sees me start to prepare dinner she drags a stool over, asks for her apron, and wants to get to work.

Sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth and I just want to get dinner on the table.  But, seeing how proud she is of herself when her Daddy compliments her on dinner makes me beam.

What can you pick up your camera today and document?

Document your child
Document your child
Document your child

  • Lindsey - I love this!
    One of my most favorite pictures of my middle child is from an idea similar that said to document your child with his or her “thing”. My daughters security object is her bunny. She couldn’t sleep without bunny for years. I am so glad I snapped a picture of her loving on bunny so I wouldn’t foget.
    I will have to do this with all my kids- with things they like now. Thanks for the reminder!

  • sara - amazing pictures!! she looks so grown up and timeless here!

  • In This Wonderful Life - your kiddos are so cute! I’ve got to get better at picking up my camera I feel like!

  • Jenny Collier - You are sweet, Megan! I have been keeping my camera out and trying to take at least one picture a day with it. When I get back in the habit I feel like it’s easier to remember!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you Sara!

  • Jenny Collier - Yes, can you imagine how precious that bunny picture will be when she’s grown? So inspiring!

Today on Every Day Cheer I am sharing a customized free printable wine tag.  It’s perfect for any celebration as you can edit the message to fit the occasion!

Wine Tag Printable

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