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This time of year it begins…the sniffles, the runny noses, and the dreaded stomach flu.  I normally try to do as much prevention as possibly by apply Thieves to my children before school and all of us taking vitamins and a probiotic.  However, mama has gotten lax on the Thieves application lately.  And lo and behold Ella came down with something yesterday.  I keep the best essential oils for cold and flu on hand and wanted to share how we use them.

The best essential oils for cold and flu

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  • Keisha Dawson - Thank you so much for sharing your tips on these oils. We have just recently started using them in our home, and we are loving the benefits. We diffuse thieves and peace and calming daily, but I hadn’t thought to put it on the kids feet as well. Thank you so much!

Last week I started a new blog series called what I wish I had known about blogging.  It took me 6 years before I knew anything about monetization, SEO, and how to grow my blog.  But when I dove in…I truly dove into learning.  I wish someone had held my hand and shared with me all of the things that they knew.  So, that is my mission in those posts are to share with you (whether you are a blogger currently or wanting to start a blog) all that I have learned.  Today, I am covering blog layout basics.

blog layout basics

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  • Miranda - I LOVE this series! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this great information with us!

I will admit that I am a fan of the yoga pants and wear them often.  That’s because they are quick and simple.  I want to be that stylish Mom but also need something where I can look pulled together in 5 minutes.  So, I have started gathering basic pieces with accessories such as scarves and necklaces that I can throw on and look stylish and pulled together quickly.

Look pulled together in 5 minutes

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