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When decorating my office tree this year I wanted to go a little bit of a different route.  Most of you are shocked, I know, that there is a spot of color in my house.  But I just love a good tartan plaid and thought these Embroidery Hoop Ornaments would be fun!

Embroidery Hoop Ornament Tutorial

I cannot take credit for this idea as I spotted it on Holly’s blog as part of her Christmas decor years ago.  If you haven’t seen her holiday house…you must!  I adore it all!

Supplies Needed:

Tartan Plaid Fabric (I purchased a yard as I was only going to make a few ornaments).

Embroidery Hoops (I used 6 inch because I have a slim 7 foot tree.  I would suggest bigger if your tree is larger).

– Scissors



Place the embroidery hoop onto a section of your fabric so that you can determine how large you will need to cut it.

Embroidery Hoop Ornament TutorialEmbroidery Hoop Ornament TutorialEmbroidery Hoop Ornament Tutorial

Then simply lay your fabric onto the bottom embroidery ring, place the top ring on top of the fabric, and push down to secure.  Tighten the screw if necessary.

Embroidery Hoop Ornament TutorialEmbroidery Hoop Ornament Tutorial

Trim excess fabric from the back.

Embroidery Hoop Ornament TutorialEmbroidery Hoop Ornament Tutorial

Then hang on your tree with twine!

Embroidery Hoop Ornament Tutorial

Starting January 1st I am doing another Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  And I’m inviting YOU to join me.

My husband did the challenge first two years ago.  I was skeptical and thought I would just continue to eat healthy and work out along side him.  When I had only lost 3 pounds in 24 days and he lost 15 and looked like this…I knew I had to try it.  Since that first challenge two years ago he has lost a total of 45 pounds and has kept it off!

I have great results as well.   During my last challenge I lost 12 pounds, 5% body fat, 5 inches, and a pant size!  And felt truly amazing!

advocare 24 day challenge before & after

My Mom lost 25 pounds during the course of the challenge.  She has completely changed her lifestyle, continued with the products, and has lost a total of 60 pounds.  So proud of her.

My friend, Lauren, also tried the Challenge after reading about how much I loved it.  She had some pretty incredible results herself.  And after continuing the products for a year and a half you should see her now.  She looks incredible!

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  • Hey Lauren Rene - I’m so excited to get started! Even more than the first time because I KNOW how great it will be. Can’t wait to be in this together! Is it September 5th yet? :)

  • Lindsay - I started mine on the 7th! I have a lot to lose so in the first 6 days I’ve already lost 7.6lbs! :) Excited to find some other people to follow too.

  • Lyndi - The hubby and I will be starting the challenge on June 1st! Very excited to take the challenge on together! :) I’m hoping to shed the remainder of this baby weight, and feel better.

  • Jenny Collier - You are going to do great, Lyndi. It’s awesome that you’re doing the challenge together. It’s great to have an accountability partner!

  • killy - Hi I recently did the 10 day challenge 2x since January
    I try to stick to the diet on a regular basis. I do have questions on a daily basis which supplements I should be taking?
    I do have the supplement to help burn fat while exercising, so I take that. I also have the Fibo Trim and Omega Plex and Carb easer.

    I really just read reviews and bought them. Not sure how I should be taking them to give myself the best results.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Maybe I should try the “Lipo in a bottle” LOL

  • Jenny Collier - Hi Killy!

    I love the MNS packets. You can find them here:

    If you click the details tab you can view what is in the packets. They help me, not only, with my core nutrition but with weight loss as well. I think they might be your best bet for weight loss. I say definitely use Catalyst if you’re not already. Game changer!

    What are your goals? Just weight loss? Or do you do any sort of cardio or weight training? Just trying to figure out what would be a good fit for you.

  • killy - THanks for your help! My goal is weight loss, I do cardio and weight training but only 2 days a week with a trainer. I try the other days but hard with work schedule and my son.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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