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Hey y’all!  I’ve had it on my heart to revive this little ‘ol blog of mine.  I’ve been so busy in the day to day tasks of Gray Monroe that juggling it all has been tough.  But, I do miss my creative outlet.

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on my friend Jenn Jewell’s podcast The Messy Table.  We chatted about how I started my business, tips and tricks to balance and surviving motherhood, how I became a Christian as an adult, and some trials we’ve walked through in our marriage and how we overcame them.

When you have some time head over to Jenn’s blog and give it a listen



The holiday season is upon us!  I am an advocate of doing all of my holiday shopping before Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy the holiday season and avoid heavily crowded stores.  Lucky for you I have created over 450 ideas for stocking stuffer and gift ideas for the entire family that can also be purchased online (my prefered way of shopping).  Today, I am sharing 150 stocking stuffer and gift ideas for women.  Be sure to check out the kid’s version and the men’s and cross off everyone on your list!

150 Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas for Women

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Men are the hardest to shop for in my opinion.  From my father-in-law, to my Dad, my husband, to my brother-in-law all are so very different.  Today, I am sharing 150 stocking stuffer and gift ideas for men perfect to knock your entire list out in one shot.  Be sure to check out my list for kids and stay tuned for my list for all of the ladies on your list.

150 Stocking Stuffer and Gift Ideas for Men

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I love a good monogram.  I monogram everything from my coffee cups to now my notecards.  I created these notecards so that you could edit and input your own initials for a quick note.

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