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If you’re not already on a self-hosted WordPress platform it’s a must.  Why?  Besides complete customization these plug-ins make my life a whole lot easier!

Today I’m sharing with you the best WordPress plug-ins that are must haves in my book!

the best plug-ins

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  • Sara - Thanks for posting all of these… I know there are all kinds of things in the plug-in realm… but I have no idea how to sift through them and figure out what’s useful!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

Christmas card season is my favorite!  I love running to the mailbox each day in December to see if there is a new card in our mailbox.  So, naturally, sending our own cards is great fun as well!  Last year we ordered our holiday cards from Minted last year and absolutely loved how they turned out!  I knew I wanted one of their gold foil designs…but picking out the perfect one was tough!  I loved so many of them.

Minted has been so gracious to give one lucky reader a $200 credit for their own holiday cards.  Scroll down to enter via Rafflecopter below!

Minted Gold Foil Card

It’s a Wonderful Life Card


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  • Sara - I am having the hardest time deciding, but I love all their gold foil cards!!! I think I want to do a card with multiple pictures this year!!

  • Lauren McMullen - They are all so cute,but I would have to go with “it’s a wonderful life” with the gold! So beautiful.

  • Chrissi Shields - Love it! Hope I win! Ha ;)

  • Jenny Collier - Good luck!

  • Jenny Collier - I love the “It’s a Wonderful Life” one too! So much!

  • Jenny Collier - I love their gold foil cards too! They look even better in person!

It is safe to say that I’m obsessed with a good gallery wall.  I have them all throughout my home.  In fact, when designer Holly Mathis has helped us in the past and I’ve suggested photos or gallery wall she might have just told me that it may slightly be overkill.  But, as a former photographer I have hundreds of beautiful images of my family and being the sentimental person that I am everything that I hang on my walls must have meaning and not just meant to look good.  I get a lot of questions from those who have been in my home about how to create a gallery wall so I wanted to explain my process to you today.

how to create a gallery wall

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  • Jen - So.Many.Words. Blog - Girl…. let me tell you… nothing intimidates me more than a gallery wall. NOTHING. Yours looks fantastic though!

  • Chrissi Shields - Great tips! LOVE

  • Ashley @ Fancy Ashley - This is awesome! If you could just come visit and help me do this, that would be great!!!! Ha! XOXO

  • Jenny Collier - Done and done! ;)

  • Jenny Collier - Thanks Chrissi!

  • Jenny Collier - They are tough. But finding the inspiration first is key. The steps I listed do make it easier!

    Thank you for your sweet compliment!

  • Laura @ Making Baby Provence - Yes, Yes, Yes! I have been trying to convince Todd that this was a good idea for our living room. I’m so glad I can show him some examples AND a tutorial. Thanks for posting this. Your wall looks fabulous!!

I have said a million times how much we love our neighborhood.  It’s been so much fun to be a part of.  And this time of year is the best.  So many activities to take part in.  Including a neighborhood wide play date at Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch last week over fall break.

We made our way to Carmichael’s in Bixby where they had horseback and camel riding, a corn maze, and you could feed animals.  We had a blast!


Carmichaels Pumpkin Patch 8

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  • EHayes - Awesome pictures and seriously, the most photogenic kids ever, so adorable!

  • Jenny Collier - Thank you. So sweet!

  • Andrea Worley - My husband grew up in Tulsa and Owasso, it’s so fun to see your pictures. reminds me of places we’ve been when we visit OK.

This time of year it begins…the sniffles, the runny noses, and the dreaded stomach flu.  I normally try to do as much prevention as possibly by apply Thieves to my children before school and all of us taking vitamins and a probiotic.  However, mama has gotten lax on the Thieves application lately.  And lo and behold Ella came down with something yesterday.  I keep the best essential oils for cold and flu on hand and wanted to share how we use them.

The best essential oils for cold and flu

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  • Keisha Dawson - Thank you so much for sharing your tips on these oils. We have just recently started using them in our home, and we are loving the benefits. We diffuse thieves and peace and calming daily, but I hadn’t thought to put it on the kids feet as well. Thank you so much!

  • Jenny - Are all of these items safe and what you use on your own children? What is diffusing and can you describe that more? Thanks

  • Andrea Worley - Thieves…my go to for everything love it!

  • Carolyn - Question: do you dilute the thieves before rubbing it on your kids feet? I have looked them up and see some say undiluted… Not sure what I’m supposed to do


  • Jenny Collier - Hi Carolyn!

    I do dilute Thieves. It tends to burn my littles if I don’t.

  • Jenny Collier - I do use these oils on my own children. I dilute them with a carrier oil (I use the Young Living Brand V-6) but you can dilute with a pure olive oil or coconut oil.

    When I bought a Young Living kit it came with a diffuser. It creates a fine mist and releases the oils into the air. If that makes sense.

  • Jenny Collier - Yes! Easily one of my favorite oils!

  • Jenny Collier - Yes, putting on the kids feet seems to be key for me! Try it!

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