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20 Healthy Recipes

I love finding new healthy recipes to make for my family.  So, today I am sharing 20 of my favorites with a Healthy Recipe roundup.

1.  Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Sauce – I love pasta so I was over the moon finding a healthy substitute.  I will often brown up some ground turkey to add in as a meat sauce.

2.  Meatloaf – These mini turkey meatloaves are delicious.  I love serving them with whipped cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes.


3.  Stuffed Peppers - This Stuffed Pepper recipe changes things up featuring Chicken and White Beans.  It’s delicious!


4.  Turkey Burger – This turkey burger recipe is made lean by the use of lettuce leaves.  I serve it with baked sweet potato fries and it kills that fast food craving.

5.  Rotisserie Chicken – This Rotisserie Chicken recipe is made in the crockpot.  My favorite invention…ever.  Love adding some steamed vegetables and a salad for a healthy and easy meal.

6.  Asian Chicken Salad – This Asian Chicken Salad recipe is one of my favorites especially when I’m craving Asian flavors but wanting to stay on track.

7.  Fagioli con Salsicce Soup  – Throughout the winter I live on soup.  And this Fagioli con Salsicce recipe has a fabulous flavor.

8.  Saucy Tomato & Artichoke Chicken – I absolutely love artichokes so this Saucy Tomato & Artichoke Chicken recipe caught my attention.  I have also served it over a bed of spaghetti squash.  A delicious switch from the typical squashta dish.

9.  Asian Lettuce Wraps – These lettuce wraps are made with ground turkey and do not taste healthy at all.  Even my kids love them!

10.  Kebabs – This kebab recipe is different than your standard protein and vegetable kebabs.  I love the addition of pineapple and serve this over a bed of brown rice.  I also eliminate the OJ and opt for a low sugar BBQ sauce.

11.  Lemon Chicken – I love this lemon chicken recipe.  I do use boneless skinless chicken breasts and swap the wine for chicken broth or water if I am trying to eat clean.

12.  Crockpot Chili – This crockpot recipe for chili is one of my favorites.  I make a big batch of it and store in small containers for an easy lunch or a quick dinner.

clean slowcooker turkey chili

13.  Chicken Fajitas – This chicken fajita recipe is super simple – you just throw it all in the oven.  I will often serve this over a bed of brown rice and black beans instead of the usual tortilla.

14.  Hummus Crusted Chicken – Hummus crusted chicken sounded delicious when I heard a friend of mine mention it.  And…in fact it is.  I have served this with a steamed squash mixture.

15.  Tacos – Here is a healthy spin on a traditional taco.

16.  Balsamic Chicken – I love homegrown tomatoes in the summer months.  Loved this recipe with store bought tomatoes but I’m anxious to try it tomatoes from the vine this year.

17.  White Chicken Chili – I love White Chicken Chili and this recipe makes it easy with the use of a crockpot.

18.  Grilled Pesto Shrimp  – Love the flavor of pesto.  These grilled pesto shrimp skewers are delicious and guilt free.  Definitely a summer staple.

19.  Caprese Chicken – This Caprese Chicken recipe is simple and yummy.  Two of my favorite things.

20.  Mexican Bowls - These Mexican Bowls are a staple in our house.  I make a big batch of them so that my husband can take them to work or I can heat up a quick dinner on a busy evening instead of hitting up the drive thru.

  • Chelsey - yum!!! these look so so yummy! thanks for sharing!!!

  • Anna - these look delicious! I can’t wait to try them out! :)

  • Isabel Cristina Mendoza Vargas - Thanks for sharing all these wonderful and healthy recipes

  • Angela Nuehring Nink - thank you so much for this post! im doing what i can to feed my family of four healthy meals on a tight budget, and i’ve made each of these recipes numerous times! thanks again!

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