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2014 Resolutions

I have been working through Lara Casey’s 2014 Power Sheet set.  What I love about Lara’s Power Sheets is that they get down to the heart of what matters most.  If you haven’t checked them out I highly recommend them.

Without further ado…here are my 2014 resolutions:



01.  Become a hands free mama.  I have been reading Rachel’s blog for some time and her words truly resonate with me.  I am her prior to her hands free breakthrough.  The one who has her hands in a million different things, a to do list a mile long, the one who says “just a minute” when my kids ask me to play, and who is too attached to her phone.

Rachel’s book came out this week.  I pre-ordered and am anxious to get my hands on it.  My number one goal this year is to prioritize what truly matters.  As a work-from-home Mom 100% of my time cannot be spent playing, however, I have set boundaries to help me designate work time and Mom time.  To ensure that I am not working the entire day and missing out on those precious memories with my babies.

02.  Sticking to the budget.  Budget is just not a word I am fond of.  I find I do well for a specific amount of time and then I am just over it.  But I know how important it is for me and my family to make our financial goals happen.

03.  Take care of myself.  I mean this in more ways than one.  In eating healthy foods, staying active, buying myself an article of clothing every once in awhile instead of just stocking my children’s closets, and washing my hair more than a couple of times a week.

My friend, Erin, posted this week about how her New Years Resolution is to wash her hair.  Can totally relate.  With as much hair as I have it used to take me an hour and a half to wash, dry, and curl my hair.  Who has time for that?  But doesn’t it feel good to get all dolled up with freshly washed hair and a cute outfit?  I vow to do more of that in 2014.

04.  Prioritizing quality time with my husband.  To be honest, after long days of fighting and/or whiny children and the stresses of our businesses we just want some quiet time to just relax or to get some work done.  This year, we are prioritizing spending an hour or more alone together every night.  And at least one date night (sans children) each month.

What are your New Year resolutions?

  • Jodi - These sound like good resolutions to me! I’m with you on #1.

  • Morgan J. Smith - I am definitely going to download her book! That is so me…it’s terrible. I’m a working mom, but will be a SAHM once this 3rd little one arrives in a few months, which will allow me more time with my 3yo, baby, and then I get to be the one to pick up my oldest (8) from school instead of the daycare bus. It will be a nice, but busy change…but I think it will be the kind of busy I like, and I want to be with them more. I also need to make plans for one date night per month – I say it a lot, so it’s easier said than done! Even a nice candlelit dinner in the living room after the kids go to bed would feel more connected than the mundane daily routine!

  • Sara - Absolutely trying to do more of the whole getting dressed and looking cute. It’s worked one day this week. DANGIT.