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25 Ideas for Date Night In

My husband and I have a weekly standing date night.  Last year we realized the importance of time spent focused just on one another with the interruption of kids, household tasks, etc.  I get a lot of questions/comments when I post our date nights on Instagram and what I hear most is that most people aren’t able to get babysitters or that they don’t have room for a date night out in their budget but they still could really use a date night.  I get it!  And thought I would compile a list of 25 ideas for date night in!

25 Ideas for Date Night In

01.  Do a Wine and Cheese tasting – Grab a few bottles and wedges of cheese to sample.  Check out this blog post about wine and cheese pairings.

02.  Game night – Play Dominos, Cards, Sequence, or another board game

03.  Watch the first movie you ever watched together

04.  YouTube dance lessons – there is everything from salsa to hip hop

05.  Do Karaoke

06.  Book Club for Two – Read the same book and discuss it as you go along.

07.  Play 20 Questions – I know for us it’s hard not to talk about business or our kids.  Play a game that helps you put the focus back on the two of you.

08.  Unplug everything and just be together…preferably in front of a fireplace with candles lit.

09.  Play video games together – you can download old school video games on a Nintendo Wii (like Super Mario Brothers) which are a lot of fun.  Another one of our favorites is Just Dance.

10.  Paint – Social Artworking has painting an instruction kits similar to what you would do at a paint & wine place.

11.  Have a picnic outside under the stars.

12.  Spa night at home – complete with massage, face masks, manicures, and a steamy shower

13.  Do a puzzle together

14.  Watch home movies (including your wedding video)

15.  Play an outdoor game like soccer, shoot some hoops, or play corn hole

16.  Wear your favorite team’s jersey, make hot dogs and beer for dinner, and watch a sports game together

17.  Have a sleepover in your living room – build a fort with blankets and pillows and grab some flashlights!

18.  Netflix binge watching marathon – there are so many great series to get hooked on like House of Cards, Making a Murderer, Breaking Bad, etc.

19.  Cook something new together (like sushi) – bonus points if you make it a theme night with music, drinks, and attire!

20.  Teach each other something new – is your passion photography?  Sewing?  or something else?  Teach your spouse the tricks of the trade.  And have him teach you the ins and outs of one of his hobbies as well.

21.  World record date – choose a world record and try your best to beat it.

22.  Workout date – I know, I know working out isn’t the most fun thing in the world.  But, try something new.  A fun video like Hip Hop Abs or a new tabata workout.  As long as you are doing it together is what counts.

23.  Minute to Win it Night – Head to the Dating Divas for a list of couples minute to win it games and have a little friendly competition.

24.  Hot tub – Even if you don’t have a hot tub fill the bathtub up, grab some bubble bath or a bath bomb, light candles, grab a bottle of wine, and soak.

25.  Romance it up!  From the meal to the music to telling each other what you love about one another.  Make the night about sweeping him/her off of her feet.