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Jenny Collier is a mom of two. She is a former photographer that now teaches moms how to use their fancy cameras to document their everyday. She shares tidbits of her life as well as her favorite things: design, her faith, photography, crafting, and healthy eating.

How to organize your life: Paper Clutter & Setting up a command center

Paper piles up quickly.  Am I right?  Today, I wanted to give you some tips on how we organize the paper clutter in our home. 1.  We set up a command center.  In our command center each family member has a wooden pocket.  In mine I have files labeled “incoming mail” and “to be filed”.  […]

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10 apps to make a Mom’s life easier

Today on Every Day Cheer I am sharing 10 apps that I use to make my life easier.  Hop over and check it out.

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35 Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is just around the corner.  Growing up my Mom always got my sister and I a Valentine’s gift and I like to continue that tradition with my littles.  Here are some Valentine gift ideas for the whole family! Sunglasses | Swimsuit | Apron | Jeans | Personalized Book | Pajamas | Boots | […]

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Capturing who your children really are

During every Mamarazzi class I tell our students to take time to document what their children are currently into.  As we all know this time is fleeting and they outgrow toys, clothes, and habits daily.  I like to sit down and write a list of things that my kids love to make sure I capture […]

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Organizing Your Life: Calendars & To Do Lists

In part one of the Organizing Your Life series we will talk about to do lists and calendars.  As a work from home Mom I feel sometimes as though I have 10 plates spinning at once.  If I don’t write something down the moment I think of it…I most definitely forget.  I stay organized with […]

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