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Monthly Archives: May 2010

summer fun | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle photographer

we had a great memorial day weekend.  we grilled out, played in the pool, ate popsicles, planted flowers, H had an overnight stay with his mimi, and we spent lots of time with family and friends.

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one month | jenny collier – tulsa children’s photographer

dear E – today you are one month old.  and within that month you’ve gotten us completely wrapped around your little finger. there is just something about cuddling my sweet girl that makes my heart melt.  we absolutely adore you and are enjoying every moment with you. some things i want to remember about you […]

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sweet brother | jenny collier – tulsa children’s photographer

H loves to push his baby sister in the swing.  we’ve had to work with him on “gentle” but he does pretty well most of the time.  he’ll also lean over and give her a kiss occasionally.  melts. my. heart.

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family fun | jenny collier – tulsa family photographer

nights like tonight are perfection — outside play time, a home cooked meal, and lots of laughter. we broke out H’s pool and let him splash around.  and, boy, did he enjoy the splashing.

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momma’s little man | jenny collier – tulsa children’s photographer

H is so full of personality…there is never a dull moment.  this evening while we were outside playing i grabbed my camera to take a few shots of him in his element. he is SO afraid of the little step from our back door to the back porch.  he watches the dogs so intently…wishing to […]

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