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eight months | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle photographer

dear baby girl – today you are eight months old. here is a little bit about you this month: – you sit up so well that we rid of the baby bathtub this month. – you cut your two bottom teeth. – when brother copies you and squeals you do it back. it’s a little […]

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merry christmas | jenny collier – tulsa photographer

i didn’t take a ton of pictures this christmas.  i tried to be intentional about not sitting on the sidelines documenting everything but being a part of the action.  so, i took a few shots before we really got started but then i handed my point & shoot my mom so that she could capture […]

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baking cookies for santa | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle photographer

on christmas eve my children helped to make cookies for santa.  really, H just licked the spoon while E cooed at us. then they helped me make daddy’s favorite…strawberry pretzel salad.

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a visit with great-grandma | jenny collier – tulsa photographer

my mom, baby E, and i drove to wichita to visit my grandmother last week.  it was a short 3-hour visit but it was nice to be able to spend some time together.  my grandmother is my baby girl’s namesake.  and seeing them together just melts my heart.

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getting organized | jenny collier – tulsa photographer

december is my month off but instead of shooting and editing i pack it full of random tasks that i have been putting off.  like organizing the garage for instance. we purchase some racks to hang from the ceiling to hold luggage and other items that have been taking up space.  our little helper fed […]

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