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Monthly Archives: February 2011

big girl

my big girl now stands up in her crib waiting on mommy to get her in the mornings. but she can’t figure out how to get down…which makes for a frustrated baby if i don’t come quickly.

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hi sissy

ella adores her big brother. he loves to say “hi sissy” and hear her squeal out in joy.

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snowball fight

after being snowed in for nearly 10 days we only got out to play in it once. hudson had a fantastic time throwing snowballs at mommy.

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14. uniform

my winter uniform consists of these three things. a cute scarf. true religion jeggings (so comfy!).  tucked into these steve madden boots:

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13. fragrance

hanae mori butterfly. i’ve worn this almost exclusively for the last seven years. my very favorite. and i received this for christmas this year from my in-laws. it’s quickly become next in line.

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