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ella & aunt selsi | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle photographer

my sister spent the day with us and the kids got in lots of playtime with their auntie.

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mamarazzi of tulsa | tulsa photography class

we held a workshop in muskogee over the weekend. again, it’s so much fun for ashley and i to see all of you come in not knowing how to use your cameras and by the end of the day shooting in manual mode and actually getting it. here are a few pictures that ashley and […]

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picnic | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle photographer

my husband worked a late night last night. so he crawled into bed at five a.m. i knew he needed rest when i heard ella squealing bright and early this morning. so, the kids and i camped out upstairs the majority of the morning. i fed hudson breakfast in the playroom. he, in usual hudson […]

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ella doll | jenny collier – tulsa baby photographer

my sweet pea is getting to be such a big girl. she pulls up to stand on everything, goes from crawling to sitting, cruises the furniture, and will even stand for a second without assistance.

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march 2011 | jenny collier – tulsa family photographer

dear hudson – another month has gone by and you are becoming such a big boy. here is a little about you within the last month: – new words: dance, run, picture, toys, leaf, sick, kickles (tickles), awesome, toys, camera, careful, nice, gosh, sushi, paper, david, morgan, grandpa, fix it, cheerios, call, crawl, – SO […]

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