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a conversation | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle & portrait photographer

hudson was at the table eating lunch after a swim in the baby pool. his toy phone rings and he said excitedly “gigi & papa!” once he picks up he says…”hi gigi papa. love you, bye.” he sits the phone down and takes a bite when the phone rings again and says “hi gigi papa […]

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a fun evening | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle & portrait photographer

after dinner this evening we headed out to the front porch. we rocked in the rocking chairs with our babies, enjoyed some watermelon, and taught hudson how to roll down the hill.

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august 2011 | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle & portrait photographer

dear hudson – today, you are two years and 7 months old.  here is a little about you this month: – new words/phrases:  movie, penguin, you try it, get up, hear something?, get me, get her, mail, problem mommy?, good morning, i’m back, robot, pickle (guitar pick), bana hold me? (when you wanted to pick […]

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documenting life challenge: favorite summer activity

it’s here! it’s week one of the documenting life challenge. this week’s challenge is to document your family’s favorite summer activity. whether it’s going to the pool, the lake, breaking out a slip ‘n slide, or eating ice cream cones. document what you want to remember most about this summer. since i’ve captured all of […]

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the colliers | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle & portrait photographer

since my husband’s parents are visiting from california we took the opportunity to squeeze in a mini shoot.  here is a sneak peek:

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