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dad headshots | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle photographer

my dad is a musician. when he was visiting us over thanksgiving break we did some updated headshots:

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documenting life challenge: opening gifts on christmas morning

i apologize for my delay again this week. with the holiday, family in town, and the hubby & i both getting sick i got behind. we had a blast this christmas with court’s family in town including my sweet baby niece, harper. here are a few shots of hudson, ella, and harper opening some of […]

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a message from santa | jenny collier photography

hudson and ella were so excited to receive a video message from santa. * moms:

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documenting life: the whole family

here i am a day late.  i realized at the christmas train last night that i had yet to get a photo of the four of us so i asked my sister to snap one of us with my point & shoot.  it made me laugh.  ella’s huge, cheesy grin, hudson and my pants soaked […]

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documenting life update | jenny collier photography

when i was planning the weekly challenges i wasn’t exactly thinking of the day of the week in which the challenge would post. so, i’m swapping the challenges for weeks 17 & 18. so, week 17 will be to take a picture with your whole family. have a family/friend/neighbor/tripod take a photo of your family […]

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