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bed head | jenny collier photography

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documenting life: bundled up | jenny collier photography

my photos are lame this week.  as you know it’s been insanely warm in tulsa lately…when i wrote the prompt for this week i had imagined gloves, a cozy hat, and a warm jacket.  not so much.  court threw on hudson’s coat for school last week and i snapped a quick photo before they walked […]

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where the sidewalk ends | jenny collier photography

one of my favorite things to read as a child were the shel silverstein poetry books.  i recently asked my dad if he still had my copies.  so he and my stepmom gifted a new set to hudson for his birthday. i have fun remembering as i listen to court read the poems aloud to […]

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february 2011 | jenny collier photography

dear hudson – today you are three years and one month old. things you’ve said this month: *  when getting into trouble and being sent to your room for a time out you said “i’m mad at you” and “i’m the bad guy”. *  “watch me do a roll assault dad” *  dad:  i love […]

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documenting life: a place you always go but never think to photograph | jenny collier

i haven’t mentioned it here before but we own a roller skating rink. about once a week all four of us are there. court and i try to get some office work done. sometimes the kids will play in their playroom (in the first photo) in our office but mostly they’re pushing buttons on the […]

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