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Monthly Archives: February 2012

valentine photos | meagan ready

i went the easy route this year and had someone else photograph my kids for their valentines.  last year’s photoshoot (in our living room) was quite disastrous.  by the end of it we were all upset. so when i saw that another local photographer, meagan ready, was willing to photograph my older children (even though […]

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super bowl | jenny collier photography

we had a couple of friends over to watch the super bowl.  i made my mother-in-law’s delicious chili, buffalo wings, a seven layer dip, and dessert.

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documenting life: just mom & dad

*  this was taken by the self-timer on my canon g12. this week in honor of valentine’s day i encourage you to take a photograph of just you & your husband.  during our dating years i have more photos of the two of us than i could count.  but, post children it’s rare that, one, […]

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day fourteen: yapta | jenny collier photography

we like to take a yearly vacation like most people.  but now that ella will be turning two this year that means no more lap children.  four airline tickets can sometimes mean scary prices.  this is where yapta comes into play. yapta not only price shops for you…it will send you weekly email updates […]

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day thirteen: cardstar | jenny collier photography

cardstar takes those ugly store loyalty cards off of your keyrings and your wallet.  simply take a photo of the bar code and it imports into the cardstar system.  the bonus?  if you’re headed to the store you can see if there are any special offers currently going on.

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