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dear H –

today you are twenty three months old. it blows my mind that you will be two next month. i look at pictures of you over the last year and it’s amazing how much you’ve changed and grown into such a big boy. here is a little bit about you this month:

- new words: hello? (when answering your play phone). color. dry. potty.  bye bye see you. hand. huddy (your name). play. phone. no sissy stop. knee. hand. m&m. dolce. sherry. teah.

- you’ll walk up to me and say a complete sentence in your own little language. when i say “what?” you repeat the exact same thing. it makes me laugh.

- you count as you go down the stairs…although you don’t say the numbers in a row. you skip one and say “two”, “three”, “four”, “five”, skip six & seven, and say “eight”, and “nine”.

- you repeat the entire alphabet after we say each letter. but won’t say them on your own yet.

- you know all of the actions for the wheels on the bus (your favorite book). your favorite is “wah wah wah”.

- when you hurt something you come over and tell me which body part hurts and make a kissy sound for me to kiss it.

- favorite toys/activities: you are so obsessed with yo gabba gabba. you love to color on your chalkboard. you like the talking carl app on my phone (you call it carla). you love books and will bring them to us over and over again to read to you.

- you hate when characters other than the yo gabba gabba crew come on during the show. you bring me the remote and say “gabba”. trying to explain that it’s still yo gabba gabba has no affect on you.

- you are doing a great job with your potty training…although we have you in a pull-up during naps & overnight.  i didn’t want to do that but it’s much easier than cleaning up messes constantly.

- you like to pick something up (a toy for instance) and say “bye” and kiss us all goodbye.

- you pick sissy’s bottle up for her when she drops it and put it back in her mouth for her.

i love you so much my darling boy. you make life so fun.


your momma


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