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may 2011 | jenny collier – tulsa photographer

dear hudson –

we celebrated your two year and four month birthday in cabo san lucas, mexico. you had an absolute blast on our family vacation. you have become obsessed with swimming and really impressed us with how comfortable you were in the water.

here are some things that i want to remember about you this month:

- new words/phrases – funny, huddy tired, diego, monsters, see, ki lan, zip, listen hear it?, lay down, what’s that?, who’s that?, nigh nigh time, oh goodness

- everything having to do with hair (shampoo, comb, product) you call a haircut.

- you like to tell me when “sissy crying”

- you say “welcome” after we say thank you.

- when ella was babbling one day you asked me “sissy talking ’bout?”

- when we call your name you say “what?”

- i was reading old mcdonald had a farm before bed one night and you said “no mom. no yo-e-yo-e-yo. no, enough.”

- you make up songs and we catch you singing them. and you like to sing along to songs you recognize on cartoons you watch in addition to britney spears “till the world ends”.

- you love playing with the neighbor boys. major figured out how to crawl under the fence and come into our backyard so we’ve been having more playdates.

- you say “hudson share it?” when you want something i have.

you are growing by leaps and bounds. your dad and i just look at one another sometimes in amazement as to where you come up with some of the things you say. we love you so much.


your momma


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