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i have seen so many great organizational tips on pinterest…and have implemented many.  here are just a few that i have used.

i redid my home organizational binder.  updating so that it’s more useful for our different businesses and i have incorporated page protectors so that i can use a dry erase marker. iheartorganizing has great custom printables:

i pre-pack totes for various activities so i can just grab and go.  at this point i have a swim bag (with towels, sunblock, swim passes, etc) and a restaurant bag (with eating mats, bibs, sippy cups, snacks, and a crayon roll).  makes life a little easier when i’m running out the door:

i organized a snack bin in our pantry for the kids.  i packaged up snack size bags of pretzels, goldfish, and their favorites so grabbing a snack is quick and things like puffcorn don’t go stale due to left open bags (ahem….court!):

i also added a tote to my car full of items that i might need during an outing (an extra pair of clothes for each child, sunblock, extra diapers, wipes, a blanket, and a first aid kit).  i have been one too many times without an extra pair of pants for hudson…and this has definitely come in handy:

and one thing that i would like to incorporate this year…an emergency kit.  i’ve never had anything of the sort but it seems smart here in the land of tornados, snow, and ice storms to have something in case of emergency (especially with kiddos).  i’ll be working on putting something like this together in the next few months:


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