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california vacation: part two | jenny collier photography

sept 17 — today was family photos day with the wonderful megan papworth. did all go as planned? i’m afraid not.

i made the mistake of waking huds up and not letting him get his nap out. he was not a happy camper. then, on the way to the shoot i couldn’t get his shoes on and i noticed the entire inseam was out in his new shorts.

we met megan at the balboa fun zone in newport beach with gigi along for help. the first 20 minutes were good — kids were somewhat cooperating. then ella spotted water, realized i was stopping her from getting in the water, and had a complete meltdown. i was mortified!

soon, the rest of the family arrived for a group shot. after that was out of the way i called it quits. the kids were absolutely done!

uncle andy took hudson on the ferris wheel before we headed over to joe’s crab shack.

i was a little nervous as to how the kids would react at dinner after their meltdowns before and during our shoot. ella was over it about 10 seconds into the meal and hudson had an accident in the middle of dinner. to say i was frazzled is an understatement. we definitely learned our lesson in not packing our days so full and vowed to slow it down the remainder of our vacation.

september 18 — this morning court, the kids, and i huddled up in the media room, turned on some cartoons, and relaxed.

after a nap we had some friends over for a barbecue.  we spent the afternoon on the patio, watched the kids run around, and enjoyed one another’s company.  since my husband was parked in a chair due to his ankle and me chasing two rug rats i didn’t get as many photos of our friends as i had hoped to.

september 19 — today our friends, cristy and alexis, joined us at aunt devon’s pool. ella had a meltown as soon as we hit the water so she napped peacefully in harper’s pack ‘n play while we enjoyed the pool and a lunch of grilled hot dogs. this evening gigi, papa, ella, hudson, court, and i had dinner at the huntington beach brewing company and ice cream at baskin robbins.

september 20 — we had lunch at zimzala at the shorebreak hotel before gigi and i got to do some shopping at fashion island in newport. some much needed adult time was in order! we came back to the house and headed downtown for the hb street fair. we dined on a variety of things, hudson had some fun in the bouncy house, and we browsed the booths of the street vendors.


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