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october 2011 | jenny collier – tulsa photographer

dear hudson –

today you are two years and nine months old. here is a little about you this month:

- new words/phrases: look out, swallow, key, ahind (behind), tie my shoes, bubble gum, microphone

- you open a door, jump out, and yell “surprise!”

- you absolutely melt mommy’s heart when you tell me out of the blue “i love you so much”

- you tell me when i’m driving “drive mom” or “go mom”

- one afternoon you told me “mommy you’re crazy”

- you say “where’s your boy?” when you want me to find you

- you say “a daaaaaaaaaa” (ta da)

- i tossed something across the room and you said “be nice”

- you no longer cry when i drop you off at school. you immediately go to the window and wave and blow kisses at me as i walk to my car. and any time we drive by your school you say excitedly “that’s hudson’s school!”

- one of your favorite things is for us to make popcorn and watch “toons” or a movie together

- you make sure to tell us when you are nice to ella. if you say something nice to her you run and say “i tell ella…” or if you kiss her you left us know.

- we traveled to wichita this month and we learned just how much you enjoy music. grandpa gave you your first guitar. you and ella both enjoy strumming it and causing a ruckus

you are so full of spunk, yet you are so sweet. there are so many moments, everyday, that i want to hold on to and never forget. i love you so much buddy. don’t you ever forget it.


your momma


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