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dear ella –

you are seventeen months old. here is a little bit about you this month:

- new words: mine, boo, nilk (milk), ow, ma (more), hapa (harper), pees (please), up, side (outside), nice, off, whoa, no

- you said “gigi” one day when we were in california. so gigi said “who’s that?” and pointed to papa and you said “papa”.

- you point and say “oooooooooh”.

- daddy took a picture of you one day and you said “cheeeeee” (cheese).

- when you do something not so nice you immediately kiss us.

- you love balloons and water. and have had a meltdown or two when they weren’t within your grasp.

- you cut both of your bottom molars as soon as we returned home from california (go figure). so, you now have 12 teeth.

- you can climb up onto the couch and can climb up the steps on the slide in the backyard.

- when we were on vacation you would walk up to harper and say “nice” and pet her.

- you now wear 18-24 months size clothing, will soon be in size 6 shoes, and are in size 4 diapers.

- you have stranger anxiety when someone you don’t know comes near you. you immediately reach for me to be picked up.

- you are a moody little girl. one minute you are the happiest thing on earth…and the next you can have a tantrum because you are frustrated. i have to keep reminding myself that crying is your currently only form of communication.

i love you, sweet pea. your big hugs and smooches melt my heart.


your momma


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