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dear ella -

today you are nineteen months old.

- new words:  juice, punkies (pumpkins), melmo (elmo), zaza (pizza), hudse, pink, lala (olivia), pig, hot, apple (for both apples & the ipad), sesi (kelsi), bapa (grandpa), mamaw (grandma), goggy (doggy), boke (broke), bup (cup), buzz, wawa (water), kickle (tickle), foofa, poon (spoon)

- you are determined and strong willed.  you don’t take no for an answer.

- every time someone comes to the door you squeal “mimi” and run to it.

- you love the doggies.  you try to pet and kiss them every chance you get.

- you are finally letting me put bows in your hair again…but will pull them out from time to time.

- you are in 18-24 month clothing, size 6 shoe, and wear size 4 diapers.

- you tell me when you’ve gone “poo poo”.  although you say the same thing when you pee.  i wonder if this is a sign that we’re supposed to start potty training you…however, your brother has been a nightmare to completely potty train and i’m worried about getting in over my head.

- you constantly test us.  when mommy says “no, ella” you inch closer to what i’m telling you to stay away from with a smile on your face.

- the second i ask you to put something back you do so, smile (pleased with yourself), and clap.

- when hudson is gone to school you walk around the house saying “bubba?” looking for him.  even though you fight, like, well brother & sister it melts my heart to know to see that you love one another as much as you do.

love you my sweet girl.


your momma


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