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day six: flylady | jenny collier photography

i first heard of the flylady years ago.  curious, i checked out her website….and instantly fled.  somebody please get this lady a modern looking website stat!

but this year my focus is to establish a system within my home.  i’m constantly organizing cabinets only to do the same thing three months later.  we have someone routinely clean our house every other week so what i needed was help in maintaining clutter, not feeling like i’m running around in circles, and keeping myself sane.

for example this week’s zone in my home is the home office & laundry room.  so, i’m tidying my desk drawer, closet, and craft bins in my office and tidying the closet, cleaning the top of the washer and dryer, and running a cleaning cycle on my washing machine.  the organization in my home office has been kind of a doozy as i haven’t organized my craft bins since i’ve had them.  but, i’m hoping as this zone repeats itself again in seven weeks that it will take me less than 15 minutes to get through.  i think the repetition involved in the flylady’s routines will truly help my home and leave me with plenty of time for my family.


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