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dear ella -

you are twenty two months old.  it is blowing my mind that the two year mark is just around the corner. i’m holding onto these baby-like moments as long as i can.

- new words/phrases:  draw, major, orange, cookie, door, key, bird, help me, mato (tomato), chicken, petzel (pretzel), toe, roty (roxy), thank you, choo choo train, airplane, sowwy momma, bye mimi, bess you (bless you)

- when i get onto you you walk over to hudson and say “mommy” and you hug.  it breaks me feel like a mean momma.

- you can maneuver around your leap pad setting up the coloring app, playing music, and watching a show.  same with our iphones/ipads.

- you like elmo and toy story.  they are the only shows that have held your attention for more than a few minutes.

- you and bubba play a game where you pretend to sneeze.  you say “ah-ah-ah-choo!”

- you know where your ears, eyes, hair, belly button, arm, toes, teeth, tongue, and nose are.

- if mommy is working at my computer you crawl into my lap and want to sit in between my legs.  you like looking at the bright colors and photos on the screen.

- your current favorite toy is the sock monkey jack in the box.  daddy and i curse that jack in the box.  you can’t get the monkey to stay in the box and proceed to completely freak out.  and then you can’t figure out how to turn the handle so you you freak out yet again.  i say every day that i’m going to give it away.

- you figured out how to open closed doors and lock doors as well.

- you love to pull out hudson’s bathroom stool, stand on it, and turn lights off and on.

you are growing into such a big girl.  you make mommy proud every day.

love you,

your momma


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