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dear ella -

- new words/phrases: roty (roxy), choo choo train, airplane, bye mimi, sowwy (sorry) mama, bess (bless), you, huddon (hudson), puta (computer), wet, chair, bike, okayyy, bug, dressed, why, help me, reach it, fix it, flop flop (flip flop), momma watch, bus, tractor, flower, shirt

- you sing “daddy oh and doggy oh” to the tune of justin beiber’s baby.

- you held up the phone to your ear and said “lalu (love you) daddy”.

- you sing “wheels on the bus” complete with all of the motions.

- you say “dee dee dee” and try to tickle the doggies.

- you sing to the tunes of abcs & you are my sunshine. you haven’t gotten the words down quite yet.

- you can count to 10.

- we say “you are my (insert family member’s name here)” instead of sunshine to be silly. and the other day hudson sang “you are my mommy” and you heard him and pointed to yourself saying ella until he swapper mommy’s name for yours.

- you love for bubba to come greet you in the morning. you always reach for him over me and try to give him a smooch.

- you sing “popo weasel” instead of pop goes the weasel.

- you make silly faces and slyly look at us out of the corner of one eye.

you are so full of personality little girl. i could eat you up.

love you,



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