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i feel like i’m constantly organizing three places in my home:  the pantry, our garage, and master bedroom closet.  although, i get lazy and then my pantry ends up looking like this:

inspired by my mother-in-law’s pantry i purchased the canvas buckets during one cleaning spree.  but, apparently i didn’t purchase enough to keep it streamlined.  so, i went to town on more canvas buckets as well as over-the-door hangers.  i spent the morning categorizing, tossing, making labels, and cleaning.  and this is the end result.

we love it.  it’s so much easier to keep track of what we have and what we need.  and keep me from buying anymore corn & chopped green chiles as we had eight cans of each!


kristen benghazi - Can you tell me where you found the storage system that is on your pantry doors? Your pantry is inspiring!!

Lisa - I also want to know where you got the over the door racks. I just bought some at Home Depot, but they’re screw in, not adjustable, and only one size on each level. Those look much better and I’d love to get those before putting holes in the door.


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