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DIY christmas

i am trying to DIY gifts this christmas.  while perusing the internet i came across this post and fell in love with the idea of a chalkboard place mat.  i thought what a perfect gift (bundled with some chalk) for some of my little friends this christmas.

so, i purchased plastic place mats at wal-mart.  i simply sprayed them with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint.  waited 24 hours for them to dry and wrote their names on them for gift-giving purposes.

i realized AFTER i started spraying that i should have probably taken a before photo.

diy gift diy gift diy gift


november instagram faves

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mother and child

me and my sweet boy.


decorating the christmas tree



this week this sweet kitten camped out on our front porch.  the kids (and my hubby) were obsessed with it.  in the middle of the night court fed it milk and made a bed for it on our patio.  the next morning we found hudson in his chair watching the cat through the front door.  next thing i knew it was in our house and court was buying every cat contraption known to man.  and now he’s ours.  meet dior…

M a m a r a z z i   o f   T u l s a
T u l s a   A d v o c a r e