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family photos

last month my friend, madison vining, took our family photos.  i applaud madison for getting so many amazing shots.  my kids were maniacs…ella was over it about 5 minutes into the shoot and started refusing to look at the camera.  and mommy was a stressed out mess.  but madison worked her magic to get those smiles out.

thanks again, mads.  these are images i will most certainly treasure in years to come.



after advocare challenge

my mom recently did the advocare 24-day challenge and lost over 30 pounds!  she revamped her eating habits, kicked her soda addiction, and has been attending zumba classes 3-4 times per week.  i’m so proud of her and her new healthy lifestyle.

court and i are still taking advocare products in addition to working out.  i’ve continued with the following products after the challenge:

- mns max 3 packets which contains items that i would take on a daily basis anyway:  calcium plus, a probiotic restore, coreplex – which is advocare’s multivitamin, and omegaplex which is an omega 3 fatty acid

- catalyst (branched chain amino acids)

- a combination of spark, arginine extreme, and o2gold before my workouts

- i also really love the meal replacement shakes as an alternative to breakfast when i have errands to run after the gym or bootcamp

i have been working out 5-6 days per week.  i do bootcamp 3 days per week and love the variety that it provides.  and then i’ve been running 3 days per week as well.  two shorter runs (3 miles) and one long run (at this point i’m doing 5 miles but working my way up to run 15k in 2013).

in the 4 months i have been doing this regimen i have lost 8% body fat and have gone down a size in jeans.  my results have definitely been encouraging me to get up before the sun comes up and get my workout in.

my downfall has certainly been my diet within the last month.  i try to eat healthy the majority of the time but my sweet tooth has been the kicker.  the kids halloween candy?  let’s just say i blew through all of the chocolate in a matter of days.  my goal now is to find a healthy balance.


october instagram photos

some of my favorite instagram photos from october.

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momma’s shoes

ella loves to put on my shoes and prance around the house.  it surprises me that she, at two, can sport heels.


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