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bedtime story

this week’s documenting life challenge is for you to get in the shot and read your child a bedtime story.

since my husband recently captured me reading the babes a bedtime story i wanted to document something else we do as a family…storytime.  hudson and ella love going to the library and picking out books.  so, this afternoon we signed up for the summer reading program and came home to dive in.


documenting life: water fun | jenny collier photography


memorial day

happy memorial day!  we had such a great weekend – playing in the backyard, a picnic with derby friends, and barbecues galore.  here are a few pictures taken over our weekend:


documenting life: at the dinner table

this past week my husband had the brilliant idea of order joe’s crab shack steam pots to go so that we could enjoy them at home.  not the best shots…but a few things that i know i will want to remember and a perspective that i have never gotten before.  some of those things i want to remember are:

- how little the kids look at our dining room table.

- how hudson refuses a booster seat these days and likes to sit on his knees.

- that the kids love to “cheers” with their sippy cups of milk.




this week’s documenting life challenge is to capture your children with someone special.  we had a photoshoot with mimi.   hudson & ella adore their mimi (my mom).   we are so lucky to have her so close.  i don’t know what we’d do without her.

we love you mimi!

M a m a r a z z i   o f   T u l s a
T u l s a   A d v o c a r e