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the fix | jenny collier photography

my good friend, ashley thompson, and i traveled to dallas a couple of weeks ago to attend the fix (a workshop put on by famed wedding photographer jasmine star).  i was busy taking notes but did manage to capture one shot.

ash and i also managed to squeeze a little shopping into our 24 hours in dallas:  the galleria & ikea.  such fun!


mamarazzi of tulsa | tulsa photography workshop

we held our tenth workshop over the weekend at ashley thompson’s studio in muskogee.  we got to know another great group of students and by the end of the day saw vast improvement in their images.  it’s so fun for us to see them have that ah-ha moment!

interested in hearing about our last two workshops of the year or thinking about hosting a workshop with just your friends?  contact us at


documenting life: the room you spend the most time in at home | jenny collier

this week on documenting life i challenge mom’s to capture the room that they spend the most time in at home.  ours….is our living space.  since i captured the room in detail here i decided to capture, today, what it looks like the majority of the time.  books, toys, sippy cups, and remotes strewn about.  a dog laying on the pillows and toddlers running around.  lived in.


helping myself to a snack | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle photographer


a little coloring | jenny collier – tulsa lifestyle photographer

my mom gifted me a pedestal table for christmas that i have refinished.  it now lives in our kitchen and serves as the kid’s eating/coloring/play-doh spot.

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