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Acts of Kindness for Kids

This holiday season we are trying to teach our children that it’s more important to give than to receive.  Tough to do in this day and age.  So, we are going to do some acts of kindness this Christmas season and I thought I would share a list of ideas in case you would like to do the same with your own families.

Acts of Kindness

01.  Take coffee to your teacher

02.  Help a sibling do a chore

03.  Put $ in Salvation Army bucket

04.  Write Grandparents a letter and mail

05.  Donate toys to a needy family

06.  Give someone a compliment

07.  Leave a treat for the mailman

08.  Sit or play with someone that looks lonely

09.  Make a treat for the bus driver

10.  Fulfill an Angel Tree request

11.  Fill an Operation Christmas Child shoe box

12.  Give up your spot in line

13.  Tape quarters to video games or candy machines

14.  Pick up litter

15.  Distribute lollipops to kids

16.  Donate to a food bank

17.  Take treats to the local fire station

18.  Hold the door for someone

19.  Tell someone how much you love them

20.  Help someone without them asking you to