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Advocare Before and After

in the beginning of july my husband and i got motivated to get healthy.  we were eating way too much fast food and takeout, drinking alcohol, and hadn’t really exercised in a year.  court decided he was going to do the advocare 24-day cleanse after a friend of ours had done it.  i opted out because quite frankly i was VERY addicted to my diet dr pepper (we’re talking 4-6 sodas a day) which obviously isn’t on the advocare cleanse.  i planned to workout and eat healthy along side him.  court’s 1st day was july 9th – he began working out 7 days a week during the cleanse phase, eating lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and drinking a gallon of water per day in addition to taking the advocare products.  when the challenge was over he had lost 15 pounds and made some pretty dramatic changes to his body.  i have to say i was very impressed – in our eight years together i had never seen him workout for more than a period of a month and his healthy eating had never lasted more than a week.  his amazing advocare before and after:

so, what were my results?  i had stopped drinking caffeine completely and was eating a lot more whole grains, lean protein, fruits, and veggies with a cheat meal once a week.  i started working out 6 days per week and only lost 4 pounds (as of a few days ago – a whole 6 weeks later).  still in the same size clothing i was before and frankly i was getting frustrated.  i had seen such dramatic changes in my husband…what was i doing wrong?  i started looking more and more into my diet and the so-called diet foods (flavored greek yogurt, fiber one bars, sugar free jello pudding in my protein shakes) that i was eating were full of chemicals, sugar, and junk.  that’s when my husband mentioned trying the cleanse.  i had been talking with him about wanting to start eating clean and this was just the push that i needed to rid of the toxins in my body, jump start my metabolism, and finally stop eating the junk.

i am now on day 3 of my cleanse and my jeans are already fitting more loosely.  i haven’t stepped on the scale yet (tomorrow morning) but i am pumped up about the way that i am feeling and the changes that i am already seeing start to take place.  if anyone would like to join me on this challenge you can find the cleanse products that i am taking below:


  • Kenny Richardson - Awesome!!!!

  • Becky Boyd - that’s pretty impressive! go court! can’t wait to see your progress photos! I may have to look into this. I need a jump start badly, just hard to jump on that wagon after so many years of eating what I want. but seriously, thanks for this, I will check it out!

  • Becky Boyd - I mean I can’t wait to see jen’s progress photos. lol, after re-reading it sounds like I’m trying to see your [court] progress photos when clearly they are right there!

  • Traci Nguyen - Love it! Can’t wait to hear more about your results!! :)