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Advocare Sample Menu

i am on day 13 of the advocare 24 day challenge.  so far i have gone down a size in jeans (finally back in my skinny jeans!), lost 2 inches in my hips, an inch around my belly, and a couple of pounds as well.  a lot of friends have asked what the diet looks like on the advocare challenge.  it’s not some gimmick-y diet.  it’s truthfully clean eating.  here is an advocare sample menu:


breakfast:  chocolate meal replacement shake (i LOVE these.  i have a major sweet tooth and i look forward to one every morning).  on days that i don’t have a meal replacement shake i’ll have egg whites with spinach and maybe some fruit.

mid-morning snack:  banana with a tablespoon of natural almond butter.

lunch:  salad topped with chicken.  i vary it up by adding different fruits or vegetables.

afternoon snack:  apple and natural almonds.

dinner:  a grilled chicken breast with lightly steamed vegetables and brown rice.  another favorite has been turkey chili or i make oven chicken fajitas and serve it over brown rice and black beans.  i like doubling servings for dinner so i can have leftovers for lunch.  i’m not one who likes to eat salad for lunch every day. :)

when you sign up for the challenge you’ll receive a sample menu as well as a list of food items allowed and not allowed.  like i said before i was eating similarly to this for a little over a month in conjunction with working out 6 days a week with little to no results.  the advocare supplements have really helped me kick it up a notch and see some exciting results.

just wanted to do an official post with some FAQ information so that i can refer to it when people ask me about it.

also, i chose the MNS3 packets (for weightloss) as well as the chocolate shake:

  • Jenny Downey-Collier - Court Collier, Traci Nguyen, and Kenny Richardson – Update on my Advocare challenge.

  • Traci Nguyen - I’m glad to see you doing well on this challenge! Keep up the good work! Amazing results. :)

  • Kenny Richardson - Awesome Jenny. I’m glad to see you are having such great results!!!