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Camera equipment for a beginner

we get so many emails about what is the best (and most affordable) digital SLR for parents wanting to take better pictures of their children.

we recommend starting out with a canon rebel (the newest version is the t4i) save yourself $60 and purchase the body only.  then invest that money into a better lens.  one that we suggest is the 50mm 1.8.  at around $100 it can’t be beat.  yes, it’s a “fixed” lens meaning YOU are the zoom.



kit lenses (the ones that generally come with the camera) are not our favorite.  the reason being that the aperture only stops down to a 3.5.  with a lower aperture (such as that of the 50mm 1.8 lens) is that you are able to take photos in lower light settings.  also, the aperture helps to create that pretty blur that we all know and love.

keep in mind there is a learning curve with a digital SLR.  and if you’re going to make the investment shouldn’t you know all there is to know about shooting in different settings?

this is the reason we started mamarazzi of tulsa.  we saw so many moms with great cameras who didn’t know how to use them.  don’t live in the tulsa area?  consider buying our workbook that contains everything that we teach in our 4 hour workshop.

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  • Chelsey Timson - okay, so what if i’m not taking pictures of children just things, like my house, projects, parties, ect., would you recommend this same camera for that as well?

    i’m like a serious beginner, like the kind that uses their iphone camera 24/7…


  • Laura C - Buying a new DSLR and trying to decide between Nikon D3300 and Canon SL1. I wanted a smaller camera so thats why I’m looking at these. Wanted the best and fastest one to shoot my active young children. Any thoughts on these 2 as far as which you would recommend or maybe not either? Would appreciate any input!

  • Jenny Collier - I am a Canon girl…so I say Canon. Be sure not to purchase the lens that generally comes with the camera though. It is awful and will really hinder you taking beautiful pictures. I suggest buying the 50mm 1.8 lens that is mentioned in this post instead. Trust me! It’s a great one.