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in the beginning of july my husband and i got motivated to get healthy.  we were eating way too much fast food and takeout, drinking alcohol, and hadn’t really exercised in a year.  court decided he was going to do the advocare 24-day cleanse after a friend of ours had done it.  i opted out because quite frankly i was VERY addicted to my diet dr pepper (we’re talking 4-6 sodas a day) which obviously isn’t on the advocare cleanse.  i planned to workout and eat healthy along side him.  court’s 1st day was july 9th – he began working out 7 days a week during the cleanse phase, eating lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and drinking a gallon of water per day in addition to taking the advocare products.  when the challenge was over he had lost 15 pounds and made some pretty dramatic changes to his body.  i have to say i was very impressed – in our eight years together i had never seen him workout for more than a period of a month and his healthy eating had never lasted more than a week.  his amazing advocare before and after:

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