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Starting January 1st I am doing another Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  And I’m inviting YOU to join me.

My husband did the challenge first two years ago.  I was skeptical and thought I would just continue to eat healthy and work out along side him.  When I had only lost 3 pounds in 24 days and he lost 15 and looked like this…I knew I had to try it.  Since that first challenge two years ago he has lost a total of 45 pounds and has kept it off!

I have great results as well.   During my last challenge I lost 12 pounds, 5% body fat, 5 inches, and a pant size!  And felt truly amazing!

advocare 24 day challenge before & after

My Mom lost 25 pounds during the course of the challenge.  She has completely changed her lifestyle, continued with the products, and has lost a total of 60 pounds.  So proud of her.

My friend, Lauren, also tried the Challenge after reading about how much I loved it.  She had some pretty incredible results herself.  And after continuing the products for a year and a half you should see her now.  She looks incredible!

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Last fall I was having trouble squeezing into my jeans and finally broke down and bought the next size up but swore to myself it wasn’t permanent and that I would lose the weight.  As summer came to a close this year I couldn’t wait to wear fall clothing again. That was until I tried to put on my largest pair of jeans…and they didn’t fit. I was furious with myself that I had put my health on the back burner and had gained 20lbs over the course of the last year. Enough was enough and I decided I was going to do a 24 day challenge.  I had incredible results and wanted to share with you my Advocare 24 Day Challenge Before and After.

Today is day 24.  I lost a total of TWELVE POUNDS, 5 % BODY FAT, 5 INCHES, and a pant size!  What’s even better?  That I feel amazing.  Full of energy to chase around my kiddos and putting myself back up at the top of that priority list feels pretty incredible.  Taking time each day for ME to exercise, relieve stress, and becoming a happier person overall.

advocare 24 day challenge before & after

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It’s official!  It’s swimsuit season.  Are you ready?

Even when not on a cleanse or 24 day challenge we like to follow the same food requirements that Advocare promotes.  I am always on the lookout for a new and delicious recipe to mix things up.  So, today, I wanted to share with you 100 Advocare Recipes.  Here’s to clean and healthy eating!

100 advocare recipes

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I am starting another Advocare 24 Day Challenge tomorrow.  So looking forward to cutting the junk out of my diet, getting lean, and feeling energized!

Meal planning is key when it comes to the challenge.  Here is my Advocare 24 day Challenge meal plan with links to the Advocare recipes that I will be making this go round:

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Menu

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I have mentioned before that my friends, Lauren, Samantha, and I created a Facebook Advocare 24 Day Challenge group in September of last year.  We were doing a group challenge and wanted a place to post recipe ideas, ask questions, and just be a support system for one another.  When starting the group we laughed and thought if nobody wanted to take the challenge along with us at least it will be a place for the three of us to converse.  Much to our surprise we now have over 560 people in this group.  Lives have been changed in more ways than one.

One of my favorite parts of this group is sharing our meal plans and favorite recipes.  Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring and we all have cravings of foods that used to be a normal part of our lives…like pasta!  A fellow challenger discovered the gold that is mung bean fettucine.  Made up of only mung beans & water you wouldn’t believe how much it resembles (and tastes like) pasta.

I took one of my favorite pasta recipes (formerly served with rigatoni and a handful of parmesan) and cleaned it up to add a little variety and flavor to our diets:

Clean Eating Chicken, Mushroom, and Bell Pepper over Mung Bean Fettucine

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