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here we are on the last week of the documenting life challenge.  this week’s prompt is to take a posed photo of your child.  and here i am without one.  i procrastinated and then it happened to rain both saturday & sunday…go figure.

i am going to try my best to set up a shoot in our spare time this week.  but in the meantime this is what happened when the rain clouds started rolling in yesterday…ella and i played with makeup.

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this week i challenge you to get IN the shot.  i very rarely am in photos with my babies (unless i’m taking it with instagram).  getting in front of the camera is going to be something that i work on more this year.

can you believe we have just one more week of documenting life left?  where has this year gone?

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this week’s prompt was family pet.  my kids adore our dogs….our dogs on the other hand steer clear of the kids.  so taking a photo with the four of them in one place was not easy.

the picture of gabbana licking ella’s face though?  melted my heart.  moments like that never happen.

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with 100 degree temps we have been spending every free moment in water.  when it became too hot to sit next to the baby pool we did the next best thing and ordered a large blow up pool that we could all have some fun in.

this week i decided to go a different route with my documenting life post.  i have been so inspired by amazing videographers that i, too, am anxious to learn the video portion of my digital SLR.  it’s so different than what i’m used to because i’m forced to manually focus as well…which is tough for someone who doesn’t do that on a normal basis.  so…here is my very first attempt at putting together a video:

Swimming from Jen Collier on Vimeo.

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