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We have dozens of roller balls filled with essential oils around here.  Mixes for sleep, pain, tummy aches, stress relief, and more.  To keep everything straight I created these customizable Essential Oil Printable Labels

Essential Oil Printables

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I started my oil journey with a premium starter kit.  Those 11 oils were easy to store.  Then my oil obsession grew and I soon didn’t know how to organize my oil collection.

Organizing your essential oils

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This time of year it begins…the sniffles, the runny noses, and the dreaded stomach flu.  I normally try to do as much prevention as possibly by apply Thieves to my children before school and all of us taking vitamins and a probiotic.  However, mama has gotten lax on the Thieves application lately.  And lo and behold Ella came down with something yesterday.  I keep the best essential oils for cold and flu on hand and wanted to share how we use them.

The best essential oils for cold and flu

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I was introduced to Young Living essential oils last fall.  I will admit it took a lot of convincing from a friend who had started to see the benefits for me to try them.  I finally purchased a starter kit and wanted to share how we use the oils:

Replacing Medicine with Young Living Essential Oils

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