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Happy Friday!  Linking up for Five on Friday with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha.


01.  Every Day Cheer:  My friends and I launched a new blog this week called Every Day Cheer.  It is going to be filled with so much goodness — recipes, fashion, DIY, gift guides, photography tips, and so much more.  Be sure to subscribe!


04.  Mini Mason Jar Pecan Pies:  Speaking of Every Day Cheer my friend, Ashley, shared a recipe for mini mason jar pecan pies.  I have a serious obsession with mason jars so this is a must do for Thanksgiving this year.  Find the recipe:  HERE


03.  Sony Nex-6:  My friend, Erin, posts the cutest pictures of her little Lex on Instagram.  Knowing she is a former photographer one day I had the gall to ask her if she carries around her digital SLR camera with her to capture all of these darling images.  That’s when she shared her little secret with me.  She uses the Sony Nex-6 which has a WIFI button that connects to an app on your phone.  I picked one up last week and have been having so much fun with it.  Love that I get digital SLR quality images with a camera that’s the size of a point & shoot.

Camera Body | Lens

04.  School Pictures:  Speaking of pictures Hudson & Ella got their school pictures back a couple of weeks ago.  I am a sucker for school pictures – I would buy them no matter what.  But I just couldn’t get over how cute these turned out.

05.  Sleepworks:  My friends and I were raving about Sleepworks over the weekend.  And I couldn’t believe that I’ve never professed my love for it here.  Sleepworks is a liquid vitamin and herbal supplement that helps you to fall asleep, stay asleep, and awake refreshed.  I used to take Tylenol PM from time to time in the past but I stopped once I had children because it felt like I could just never get enough sleep and I always woke up in a fog the next year.  I love Sleepworks because I don’t have that feeling at all.  You can find more information or purchase it HERE.


Happy Friday!  Linking up for Five on Friday with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha.


 As you know I just returned from the Making Things Happen Conference.  I shared my recap HERE.  I didn’t take many pictures as our phones weren’t allowed in the conference each day and the ones I did take aren’t the best quality.  But for this Five on Friday I am sharing a little of my week.

01.  Dinner at City KitchenKylie set up a dinner for the attendees the night before the conference.  It was lovely getting to meet some new friends and to catch up with Whitney and Ashley.

Whitney, April, Ashley, and Holly

02.  Roomies – My fancy roomie, Ashley, got us matching pajamas and monogrammed them.  We stayed up far too late every night chatting.  Love this girl!

03.  The Conference – Since we had to give up our phones before walking into the conference each morning Lara snapped and shared this one of the group before we got started.

04.  Dinner at 411 West – We had a table of about 30 people but didn’t snap a single photo.  As we were walking out the door I asked the hostess to snap one of the last people to leave.

Ashley, Kylie and Molly, and Caroline

05.  Dinner at Mellow Mushroom – the last night to say we were all beat was just an understatement.  Ashley, Kylie, Molly, Caroline, and I had a mellow dinner and recap of our experience.


Happy Friday! Linking up with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha for another Five on Friday post.



01.  You’ve Been Booed – We have been having fun booing our neighbors.  Hudson keeps asking if we can do it again.  We have to leave some of the houses for our friends to boo. :)

Check out the free printable set I created in case you missed it earlier in the week.


02.  Decorating – We’ve also been busy decorating for Halloween.  See more here.

03.  DIY Glitter Skull Print – I am loving this tutorial by The Glitter Guide.  Check it out here.

04.  Boo Calligraphy Printable – I love this cute calligraphy printable.  Download it here.

05.  Making Things Happen – I’m off to Making Things Happen this weekend.  I feel like I have been awaiting this day for so long!  I am beyond excited for the experience alone.  Am also excited to hug the necks of some of my friends including Ashley and Whitney!

Have a great weekend!


Happy Friday!  Linking up for Five on Friday with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha.


01. Exterior Paint Colors – We are mulling over exterior paint colors and are 99% sure we’re going with these two colors.  The Clarksville Gray looks much lighter up than their sample.

Benjamin Moore Clarksville Gray for the brick

Benjamin Moore Texas Leather for the trim

02.  Head shots – My talented friend, Ashley, took a couple of head shots for me the other night.  So strange to be on the other side of the camera.

03.  Scentsy Halloween Warmer – My hubby bought me this cute Halloween warmer.  I love Scentsy products but their warmers haven’t always gone hand in hand with my home decor style.  So, he purchased a Scentsy silhouette warmer that has interchangeable sleeves.  I’m currently burning it with my fall favorite, pumpkin roll.

04.  Creating White Space – My friend, Erin, of the Blue Eyed Bride is doing a 31 day series of Creating White Space.  It is a must read!  So needed in my life.  Are you reading any other 31 Day series that I must check out?

05.  Spinach and Artichoke Bacon Chicken Spaghetti Squash  – We tried this delicious dish this week.  If you are a fan of spaghetti squash it’s a must try.

Have a great weekend!

Hi ladies! Linking up with Darci, Christina, Liz, and Natasha for another Five on Friday post.



1.  Boo iPhone Wallpaper – I am all about decorating for holidays in every sense.  Including darling iPhone wallpapers like this one.

2.  Free Halloween Printables – these free printables are darling.  Definitely printing some out for my kid’s school parties.

3.  Painted Pumpkins – Aren’t these painted pumpkins so cute?  Swooning over the gold!  I would pile them into a large dough bowl.

4.  Halloween Party Invite – If I were throwing a Halloween party this year I would definitely be purchasing this invite.  So darling!

5.  Potato Print Ghosts – These potato print ghosts look like something my kids would love.  They are all about stamping right now.