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When we built our house we added a bedroom off of our media room to act as a play room.  To be honest our kids never played in it unless they had friends over.  When it came time to open Gray Monroe we needed storage for all of the clothes and the playroom became an office.  So, we needed options for what to do with all of our toys.  We organized them not only into a toy closet but also spread them throughout the house in an organized (and mostly hidden) fashion.

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Last year my husband wanted to turn our 3rd car garage into a home gym.  I wanted to share with you a little about how we created a space

Creating a Home Gym

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Is it just us or when you keep things out and not tucked away in closets you are more likely to use them?  When we swapped our ottoman for a traditional coffee table I came across an oversized tray that I had purchased from the Plaid Pineapple and thought it would be perfect for creating a family game station.

Creating a Family Game Station

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