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Have y’all heard of Jordan Paige from Fun, Cheap, or Free?  She wrote a post years ago about the 7 checking accounts you should have.  I began following her then and remember hearing her speak about grocery budgets and how you should estimate $100 per month for each person in your family.  And this included home supplies such as toilet paper and toothpaste.  I thought this was impossible considering how much we were spending on our groceries and that it was just Court and I at that point.  But, I became savvy about shopping and want to share with you how I am grocery shopping on a budget without coupons.

Tips for grocery shopping on a budget without coupons.

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I love a good bargain. Who doesn’t?  I have found some pretty great deals on trendy pieces and wanted to share my finds with you.  I’ve also started a Pinterest board for fashion finds under $50 that I will be adding to as time goes on.  Follow HERE.

Winter style on a budget

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This year I have been hitting up the end of season sales for clothing for next year.  I have found some really amazing deals!

But in looking over Ella’s sparse Fall/Winter wardrobe for her current size I realized I should have done the same last season.  I hate to spend a fortune when they only wear them for such a short time.  So I hit up H&M, Cotton On, and the 30-40% off sales at Old Navy and Gap for some reasonably priced pieces.  Here are some of the deals that I found:


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We are Dave Ramsey fans around here.  We managed to pay off all of our consumer debt (including our cars) using his debt snowball method in his book Total Money Makeover. 

In an effort to style up my bulletin board in my office I created a baby steps printable to help inspire me to stay on track with our financial goals.  Today, I’m sharing that printable with you.

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i know posts without pictures are no fun…but i just had to share this.  i’ll get back on track with the picture posts tomorrow.

i just caught a dvr recorded episode of “the talk”.  they featured a family called “america’s cheapest family”.  i was so impressed with some of the tips given that i just had to share.  who wouldn’t want to save money on mundane things so you could spend your money on wanted items.

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