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My kiddos have been experiencing a little bit of cabin fever this winter.  And since we’ve only had one snow day thus far in Oklahoma we decided to make some our own with this DIY sensory snow activity.  Head over to Moms of Tulsa for the recipe.DIY Sensory Snow



Today on the Moms of Tulsa blog I am sharing a recipe for gingerbread playdough.  Both of my kids had a blast pretending to bake cookies for Mom and they couldn’t get over the yummy smell!

Gingerbread Playdough

Kinetic sand is something my kids just love.  It’s fun to play with, easy to clean up, but the price tag on the store bought version can be a bit much.  So, when I saw a recipe to make your own we decided to give it a go!

Make your own kinetic sand

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Today on Moms of Tulsa I am sharing a recipe for bouncing bubbles. An fun activity that kept my easily distracted kiddos busy for a long time!

Bouncing Bubbles

Over fall break we deciding amongst our playgroup that a pumpkin painting, donut, and mimosa playdate was in order.  So, we gathered at my house, blew up the bounce house, broke out some paint, and let the kids have some fun!

Don’t get me wrong…the mamas had some fun of our own.  A mimosa bar was in full effect!

Pumpkin Painting 1Pumpkin painting 2

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