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As a busy Mom, making time for play is something that is necessary for me for it to actually happen.Making Time for PlayMy day is filled with, most often, an entire page full of tasks in my planner.  From household tasks like grocery shopping, laundry, making school lunches, and dinner to all of the tasks for my blogs, our family business, and side businesses my plate is most definitely full.

It is not in my DNA to procrastinate and put those things on the back burner to stop, get on the ground with my kids, and play.  That’s not to say that I don’t spend hours upon hours with my kids every day.  But I’m not talking about just being with them.  I am talking about turning off the TV, putting away the phone, picking up a book, getting on the ground, coloring, participating in playing with the Play-Doh.  That kind of play.

My favorite way to do this is to try to get all of my tasks done while my kids are either at school or sleeping (I explain more about this HERE).  And when they are home in the evenings…it’s family time.

I am not perfect in completing this as folding that load of laundry or answering that phone call sometimes takes precedence.  But, it’s really important for me to get this time in for me to feel balanced.

Making time for playMaking time for playHow do you prioritize playtime with your kids?

It’s been awhile since I’ve linked up with my friends for a Five on Friday post.


1.  Child size mason jar tumblers – I am in love with the 16oz Aladdin mason jar tumblers.  They make the perfect cups for my littles.  I snagged the clear, pink, and aqua ones for my fam.

Mason jar sippy cup

2.  Boyfriend Jeans & Shorts – I’ll admit it takes me awhile to finally succumb to a jean trend.  I mean…I was ANTI skinny jeans for so long.  So, here I am finally jumping on the boyfriend & distressed jean trend.  Here are some I have or have my eye on:

Rag and Bone Boyfriend Shorts







3.  Ready for Easter – I have finished up the kid’s Easter baskets, stuffed eggs, and grocery shopped for our family’s Easter brunch.  We are all set for the holiday weekend!

2014-04-17 09.32.35-1


4.  Spring/Summer Hair Color – I lightened up my locks to more of a subtle caramel ombre.  And think the closer we get to summer I’ll have my sister/stylist lighten it like the bottom picture.

2014-04-15 13.54.11-2

Ombre and beach waves on a long bob.


5.  Homekeeping Binder – I’ve always used a mixture of digital and paper calendars and agendas.  But, after a suggestion from the Hands Free Mama book to make the switch to paper to avoid constantly looking to your phone I am going for it.  My homekeeping binder (which I’ve shared my free printables you here, here, and here) are helping me out: