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I am a planner by nature.  I like to have my week planned out to save myself unnecessary stress of forgetting to do something important, clothes picked out to save drama in the mornings with my picky child, and meals ready to go to avoid the drive-thru.

I am sharing with you the things I like to do each week to make mornings easier and provide you with a printable (that you can edit to make work for you) to help you set yourself up for success:

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My husband and I have a weekly standing date night.  Last year we realized the importance of time spent focused just on one another with the interruption of kids, household tasks, etc.  I get a lot of questions/comments when I post our date nights on Instagram and what I hear most is that most people aren’t able to get babysitters or that they don’t have room for a date night out in their budget but they still could really use a date night.  I get it!  And thought I would compile a list of 25 ideas for date night in!

25 Ideas for Date Night In

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I like to keep a bin in the trunk of my car that I consider to be an emergency car kit.  Having an extra change of clothes for the kids, a few extra bucks when I’ve forgotten my wallet, or even a roll of paper towels to clean up a spill has come in handy more times than I can count.  I wanted to share with you in case you wanted to create an emergency car kit of your own.

Emergency Car Kit 2

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Today on Moms of Tulsa I am sharing our  new behavior system that has my kids cleaning up after themselves, doing kind things for others, and doing something the first time I ask!

Behavior System

At the beginning of the school year my first thought is organization and a new planner.  I created this free printable planner last year to work as a homekeeping notebook binder.  It’s customizable so that you can personalize it to suit your needs and continue to use it year after year.  I wanted to share with you a peak inside and what each individual printable looks like.

* Use Adobe Reader ONLY to edit printables.

Download this free printable planner that can also be used as a homekeeping binder notebook. Get organized with printable calendars, to do lists, gift planners, grocery list, babysitter notes, and so much more!

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