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One of the tasks we’ve been working on with the kids this year is how to learn to tie shoes.  This wasn’t an easy feat for Hudson and Ella got it right away (which made it worse for him).  So, we made this shoelace box so that they both could practice and now they both have it down pat!

Teach your child to learn to tie shoes with this easy DIY shoelace box.

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Ella got her first American Girl doll for Christmas this year.  And our family gifted her lots of clothing and accessories to go along with.  Storage became an issue very quickly as I’m sure you all with American Girl obsessed little ones know.  So, I wanted to share with you our American Girl doll storage solution:

Having an American Girl doll comes with a lot of clothes and accessories.  This is a great solution for American Girl Doll organization.

American Girl Accessory Storage 2

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With Ella in Preschool we are brushing up on our upper and lower case letter recognition and beginning to work on letter sounds in preparation for Kindergarten.  So, I created this alphabet flashcards printable to be able to work on them with her at home.

These printable alphabet flash cards are a great way to work on letter recognition and letter sounds with your preschooler.

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My children are only 15 months apart in age.  As you can probably tell when they were toddlers they had a very hard time sharing.  I was at my wit’s end as they were fighting constantly over toys.  I reached out for advice and the simplest solution helped to change it all.  Today, I am sharing that advice for getting your kids to share.

Getting your kids to share

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