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Ella started taking gymnastics last summer and has been begging us for a gymnastics birthday party ever since.  We kept things simple by hosting at the Tulsa World of Gymnastics but my friend Kori of Peacocks and Peonies helped to create some special touches with a custom Birthday Girl leotard and silhouette gymnast cake toppers.

We also added in some other touches like leotard cookies and jump rope party favors.  The kids had an absolute blast.  I won’t be surprised if Ella asks for a gymnastics party every year!

Gymnastics party with silhouette cake toppers, leotard cookies, and jump rope favorsJump rope favors for gymnastics partyGold glitter silhouette gymnast cake toppers for gymnastics partyLeotard cookies for gymnastics party

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If you don’t know me personally you may not know that my husband and I both grew up competitively skating and currently own a roller skating rink.  So when Hudson decided he wanted to start speed skating my husband jumped at the chance to coach him.  He skated his first speed meet over the weekend and my heart just about burst!

I took some pictures when my in-laws were in town last month.  I adore the ones of them looking on as their son is coaching their grandson.  Especially because Court’s parents were his skating coaches growing up.

Collier040716_09 copyCollier040716_11 copyCollier040716_14 copyCollier040716_15 copyCollier040716_18 copy

Last year Ella and I got to go on the Polar Express with my sweet friends, their girls, and their Dad.  This year, we went as a family.  Ella had a trampoline accident the day before and had broken her arm.  Despite the traumatic day she still wanted to go.  And I’m glad she did because we all really enjoyed it and needed to take our minds off of things.

Polar ExpressPolar ExpressPolar ExpressPolar ExpressPolar Express

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For the last (almost 12 years) that my husband and I have been together I’ve always wanted to visit New York City with him.  He’s never been and I haven’t been since right before we had gotten together.  For my birthday this year my husband surprised me with two airline tickets.  We had anxiously been awaiting this trip since July that we finally embarked upon in September.

Court’s first NYC taxi ride:

2015-09-22 12.30.19-2

Our first adventure was the Empire State building.

2015-09-22 14.56.30-12015-09-22 14.58.12-2

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Collier093015_01 copy

Dear Hudson —

You just started first grade and are 6 years old.  You are growing so quickly that Mama wanted to remember who you are at this stage before it quickly passes.  Your favorite things are roller skating, Pokemon, swimming, karate, Minecraft, and Wild Kratts.

You love playing pretend with Ella as well as your friends Tyler and Beckett.  You are social and I love that you will walk up to a kid who you’ve never met and ask him to play.  You also love your alone time too.

Collier093015_06 copy

You have become quite independent and opinionated and say things that your Dad and I just crack up over like:

– “Hey, Dad, come look at this hot girl.”

– Ella to you: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
You:  “Only the greatest expert in karate.”

– A boy to you at the skating rink:  “Hey, do you want to race?”
You:  “What, do you think you’re fast?”

– “Wow, just wow” when Mom copped an attitude with you

– When you were boogie boarding this summer you would yell “Chimichanga!” instead of cowabunga

Collier093015_07 copy

You are beginning to lose teeth, can tie your own shoes, read level 2 books with ease, and have just gotten so big what seems like overnight.  Your family just adores you and we are so very proud of you!

Love you always,