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Dear Hudson —

You just started first grade and are 6 years old.  You are growing so quickly that Mama wanted to remember who you are at this stage before it quickly passes.  Your favorite things are roller skating, Pokemon, swimming, karate, Minecraft, and Wild Kratts.

You love playing pretend with Ella as well as your friends Tyler and Beckett.  You are social and I love that you will walk up to a kid who you’ve never met and ask him to play.  You also love your alone time too.

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You have become quite independent and opinionated and say things that your Dad and I just crack up over like:

– “Hey, Dad, come look at this hot girl.”

– Ella to you: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
You:  “Only the greatest expert in karate.”

– A boy to you at the skating rink:  “Hey, do you want to race?”
You:  “What, do you think you’re fast?”

– “Wow, just wow” when Mom copped an attitude with you

– When you were boogie boarding this summer you would yell “Chimichanga!” instead of cowabunga

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You are beginning to lose teeth, can tie your own shoes, read level 2 books with ease, and have just gotten so big what seems like overnight.  Your family just adores you and we are so very proud of you!

Love you always,


Dear Ella –

You have just started Kindergarten and are 5 years old.  I wanted to remember a bit about who you are at this stage.  You love dolls, playing on the iPad, gymnastics, dressing up, makeup, and all things girly.

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You are shy and introverted when it comes to meeting new people.  Mom was scared that you would have trouble making new friends in Kindergarten but you are doing so well and have been so brave.

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Here is what we were up to in September.  Follow me on Instagram for a sneak peek into our every day.

Hudson has started the nightly homework routine:

2015-09-01 17.23.44-1

We have started going on date nights every Wednesday.  Something to look forward to in the middle of our crazy weeks!

Date night!

This sweet kitty is everyone’s favorite.  But he loves Ella best.

2015-09-03 07.44.57-2

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I have been feeling so convicted since starting my new business about keeping my nights and weekends free of work and filled with lots of family time instead.  Now that the kids are in school Monday – Friday I want to make as many memories with them as we can in our time together.

This particular Sunday afternoon we set up the water slide in the backyard and then played a few rounds of Uno on the patio.

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For Father’s Day I gifted my husband with some equipment to help turn our 3rd car garage into an at home gym.  He’s been working hard on getting it cleaned out and set up.  The kids love the addition of the punching bag.  I ran to grab my camera when I spotted Ella with the gloves on in her figure skating dress:

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