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A couple of weeks ago I threw a Christmas Favorite Things Party for my girlfriends.  It was a lot of fun!  I didn’t take many photos as I had hoped to.  So, these are a compilation of digital SLR, iPhone, and point & shoot photos.

The set up prior to the party:

Christmas Favorite Things PartyChristmas Favorite Things Party 2

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This weekend we threw a housewarming fiesta to celebrate our new home with some of our closest friends and neighbors.  I didn’t take many photos — my lovely friend, Ashley, grabbed my camera and documented most of the party.  Thank you Ash!  And thank you to the Brindles who brought along a fun water slide for the kiddos to cool off with.  They were in heaven!

We hired someone to make tacos for us in the backyard which were delic!  Also, a big thanks to Seana Hon for her amazing cupcake stills — she came up with sopapilla, tres leches, and mexican hot chocolate cupcakes.   All were amazing!

And thanks, most of all, to our friends who could celebrate such a special occasion with us.  Xo

housewarming fiesta

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