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In part one of the Organizing Your Life series we will talk about to do lists and calendars.  As a work from home Mom I feel sometimes as though I have 10 plates spinning at once.  If I don’t write something down the moment I think of it…I most definitely forget.  I stay organized with the help of three things:  Google calendar, the app Wunderlist and my Whitney English Day Designer.

Organizing Your Life

First, I have several Google calendars.  One for all of our family events and appointments that my husband needs to be aware of.  Another for menu planning.  And another for birthdays & anniversaries with reminders a couple of weeks in advance so that I may pick up a gift.  I write something down here as I soon as I commit to something.  And then really only glance at this again as I have my weekly planning session and transfer appointments, events, and dinner into my Day Designer.

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this to do list printable to do list helps me in organizing my days.  i added an “outfit” section in an effort to wear real clothes every day (read:  and not live in yoga pants).

ps — i created 25 other coordinating pages that can be found in my etsy shop.  enjoy!

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