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Creating a Family Game Station

Is it just us or when you keep things out and not tucked away in closets you are more likely to use them?  When we swapped our ottoman for a traditional coffee table I came across an oversized tray that I had purchased from the Plaid Pineapple and thought it would be perfect for creating a family game station.

Creating a Family Game Station

Now, we have many more games that fit in this tray but we like swapping them out and trying new ones.  Some of our favorites are:

Our game station has been a great way for us to get down on the floor and play with the kids instead of watching them play.  It’s also allowed for a lot of family time that doesn’t involve the TV.  Hooray!

Family Game Station 2

  • Heather Mills - This is a very good idea! I love that these games encourage communication and family time away from electronics! Your coffee table is amazing, by the way! :)