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DIY Barn Door Pantry

My husband recently built me barn doors to replace our pantry doors in the kitchen.  It has been a fun way to add some character to our builder-grade home.

DIY Barn Doors

We ordered the double barn door hardware on Amazon and then headed to our local Lowes for the lumber.  We bought pre-cut doors and then added the trim and cross piece of wood.

The nice people of Lowes actually cut the trim to size.  However, they wouldn’t do the angled piece so Court measured and cut that himself at home:

Barn Door 10He used Gorilla glue to attach the trim to the door before also nailing the pieces together.

Barn Door 9Barn Door 7Barn Door 8Here is what they looked like before staining:

Barn Door 4We had purchased a Classic Grey Minwax stain that we tried first and didn’t love the look of with the reddish colored wood.  So, we used a Mocha colored stain instead.

Barn Door 2Several days later Court installed the hardware according to the package instructions.  It was a simple project that we have also replicated on the door going from our master bedroom into our master bath.