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DIY Bath Paint Recipe

It was a rainy summer day.  The kids were going stir crazy.  So, I decided to mix up a batch of bath paint, fill up with tub with bubbles, and let them go to town.  They were occupied for a good amount of time…and it’s been a requested bath time activity ever since.

DIY Bath Paint Recipe

DIY Bath Paint RecipeDIY Bath Paint Recipe

Here is the recipe for DIY Bath Paint:


1 tbsp Cornstarch

4-7 pumps of Baby Shampoo

1-2 tsp water

Food Coloring

Muffin Tin or Ice Tray

Paint Brushes


Mix the cornstarch, Baby Shampoo, and water in a mixing bowl.  Once thoroughly blended pour into a muffin tin or ice tray.  Place 1 drop of food coloring into each tin/tray.

* To fill an ice tray I had to duplicate this recipe 3 times.

DIY Bath Paint RecipeDIY Bath Paint RecipeDIY Bath Paint Recipe

  • Erin - I love everything about this (including the princess Ana braids). Judging from Hudson’s smiles I’m going to need to replicate this ASAP!

  • Becky / This Is Happiness - Such a great idea! They look like they are having so much fun!!